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Why hand made soap?

Many of the soaps that are available in stores today are actually not soap at all! They are bars made from chemicals and detergents. You can usually tell this right away as they will not even call their product soap. You might see moisturizing bar or beauty bar in their name, but not soap. Detergents are much more likely to irritate your skin, than soap.

From a vegan or vegetarian standpoint many detergent and or soap bars have animal fat in them. Tallow or animal fat is often referred to as sodium tallowate. After finding out that my "all natural bar" contained sodium tallowate, I became interested in making my own soap!

Chemical fragrances are another reason to look for hand made soap. Though some soap makers do use chemicals to scent their soaps. Synthetic fragrance oils may also be referred to as perfume, parfum, or fragrance oils. Labeling requirements do not specify that these chemical perfumes need to list their ingredients. They often contain 20 or more chemicals including phlalates which are known to be toxic. Synthetic fragrances are one of the biggest causes of skin sensitivity from cosmetics.

When buying handmade soap, look for essential oils or plant names in the ingredient lists. Essential oils are derived from plants. If you go to a whole grocer that sells essential oils, you can smell their tester bottles. You will quickly be able to discern the difference between a chemical fragrance and a pure essential oil! Be wary when you see fruit scented soaps. There are very few fruit based essential oils. All fruity essential oils are citrus based. If you see apple, strawberry, cucumber or fruits other than citrus, you are looking at a synthetic fragrance. Some soap makers will use fruit juices or purees in their soap to get a true fruit flavor without using chemicals.

Chemical dyes are another reason to use hand made soap. Most soap makers do not purchase or use chemical dyes. Soap can easily be colored using herbs or left uncolored.

Handmade soaps are naturally rich in glycerin and moisturize your skin. Corporations often add glycerin to help prevent the drying properties of their detergent bars.

If you have questions about soap or hand made soap, drop me a line!

I am a staunch vegetarian and was shocked to know that soaps that I have been using all these years actually contain animal fat. Is it true that all the soaps have animal fat in them ? If yes, I would definitely stop using soaps from today itself. do you of any company that manufactures soaps without using animal fat.
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